Surge Protector Installation in Tolland, CT

Rock-Vern Electric Inc., provides surge protection products across Tolland, CT, that come with a generous warranty, valid for the lifetime of the product.

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Protect your property with whole house surge protection from RockVern Electric Inc.

Our surge protection solutions will protect any kitchen appliances, as well as your furnace, air conditioner (outside) and most household electronics. We use highly reliable equipment from Sycom Surge to ensure your property is fully protected in the event of a lightning strike or unexpected surge.

SYCOM develops quality surge protection systems for electrical and telecommunications companies all over the world. These quality surge protectors are designed to protect any sensitive electrical equipment from damage and failure in the event of lightning or surge. Our surge protectors are installed directly into your electricity panel, to protect all of the appliances and devices in your home.

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We offer several models of Sycom surge protectors


The T1 series of surge protectors offers protection for 120/240V for connected equipment.
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T1 Warranty Information


The SYC AC2 series offers reliable surge protectors specifically designed for protecting HVAC/R equipment. These surge protectors offer a superfast response time for upmost safety, ensuring the best protection for your air conditioners, head pumps and condensers.
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AC2 Warranty Information


The 6FTC provides high quality protection for your AC and other high power electrical equipment. The 6FTC provides protection for up to 105,000 amps helping to prevent failure and damage to your equipment.
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Let us handle your surge protection needs

Our experienced electricians can help you determine the best protection for your home. We install whole house surge protection for homes and businesses across Connecticut.

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